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Dedicated to providing top quality Qualified Aqua Instructors to the fitness industry.

About us


AIT Aqua Instructor Training was established in 2014, by Sarah Windibank who has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. As a lifeguard she watched the Aqua classes and then decided to participate , she loved the classes so much that she then trained with the YMCA to become an instructor.

Other instructors would always come to Sarah for help, advise and ideas, so that was when she decided to become an Aqua tutor.


In 2017 Sarah taught internationally in Portugal, and then at IAFC (The International Aquatic Fitness Conference) in Florida.

In 2018 Sarah will be teaching at BOTH the European Aquatic Fitness Conference, and The International Aquatic Fitness Conference (IAFC)

Sarah is a Senior Aquastrength Master Trainer, plus a trained Hydro Rider Instructor.

Each year Sarah and her team participate in Worldwide Aquathon representing England and raising money for Charity.

AIT Aqua Instructor Training is accredited by the YMCA, Rep's Training provider and CIMSPA

AIT Aqua Instructor Training is registered with the UK register of Learning Providers


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