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27th May 2018

Sessions include BOW (Boot camp On Water) Presented by Katrien Lemahieu. Sarah Windibank and Kristof Van Uffelen

Aqua Zumba with Fiona Riley.

Aqua Choreo with Dave Smet & Kristof Van Uffelen.

Aqua Combat with Sarah Windibank

Lectures from a Nationally recognised health expert, plus a YMCA fitness Tutor.

Aquastrength Presented by the head of Aquastrength Europe Katrien!

Deep Core Noodle with Sarah Windibank.

Deep Aqua with Dave Smet

Deep Aqua with Fiona Riley

Your Presenters

Katrien Lemahieu (Holland) Head of the Aquatic Exercise Association Europe

Sarah Windibank,(England) International Aqua Presenter and Senior Aquastrength Master Trainer

Dave Smet (Belgium) International presenter

Kristoff Van (Belgium) International Presenter .

Fiona Reily (England) Zumba mentor

Gracie Humpoletz (England) YMCA Tutor

Only £55
Booking Essential.
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