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CPD stands for Continued Professional Development, and refers to the process of updating your skills and knowledge. Updating your skills and knowledge is a great reason to join one of our many CPD courses. While also learning new choreography or new class ideas you will also earn those all important REP's points that will keep you part of the Register of Exercise Professionals. 

All of our CPD courses offer all of our instructors 3 REP's points or CIMSPA points for a single days training.

Rep's £65     Cimspa £85

Fit to Aqua Fight
Nutty about Noodles
Oh Buoy
Aqua Disc
Aqua Fins
Aqua Fresh 2
Deep Aqua
Deep Dimensions
Deep Noodle
Aqua Towel
Aqua Combat
Aqua Sports
Aqua Jog
Aqua Bell
Aqua Wave
Aqua Combat
Power Wall            7th March or 22nd June 2020
Aqua Jog 2
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